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Renegades are the wraiths of Stygia whose agenda does not lie in following the government of the dead, or in seeking Transcendence. Instead, Renegades march to their own beat over a huge range of interests, from actively fighting the Hierarchy to simply wanting to be left to themselves.


Much like the Heretics, the Renegades are highly fractious and spend as much time fighting among themselves as they do working towards their goals or struggling against the tyranny of the Hierarchy. Alliances are rare among them, and even then only as a means to a greater end; as soon as the goal has been reached, the groups will once again keep to themselves. The one thing all Renegades have in common is a large chip on their shoulders, and the willingness to express their feelings about it.

There are long-standing rumors of both a Renegade Council that oversees the Renegade groups activities, and a Renegade Lord only acknowledged by the Renegade Council. While both actually exist (despite the beliefs of most Renegades), the extent of their reach is unknown.

Types of Renegades Edit

Renegades can roughly be divided into four groups, although sometimes their goals overlap with other group types. These are:

  • Protesters (Pols) - These are the fanatical groups that actively fight the Hierarchy.
  • Idealists (Dealers) - These Renegades wish to improve the Hierarchy, rather than destroy it completely.
  • Outlaws (Cons) - The Renegades that indulge in strictly illegal trades.
  • Drop-Outs (AWOLs) - Those who simply ignore Stygian society and take their own afterlives in their hands.

Each specific kind of Renegade also has a nickname for the Circles they form:

  • Pols form Cells
  • Dealers form Blocs
  • Cons form Bands
  • AWOLs form Communes

Some groups are mixed between Renegades of different types, usually under pressure, although there are a few established groups with different purposes who have existed for ages.

Notable Renegade Gangs Edit


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