The Renders are the Pandoran Mockery of the Ulgan Lineage of Prometheans.

Renders are alien creatures who provoke the Disquiet with ease: their unnatural speed, misplaced joints, and filmy eyes all seem somehow wrong. They seek to tear apart the bodies of Prometheans, who they instinctively believe were never meant to be whole, with horrifically sharp talons.

Prometheans captured by Renders are usually subject to intense torture, as the creatures tear off limbs and other troublesome body parts; they then rend the flesh of their victims as they feed. The feeding is usually slow and excruciating for the Promethean, and nothing recognizable is usually left when they are done.

Renders look like demons or other strange, otherworldly horrors. All sport a set of wicked talons, and their eyes are strangely misty, as though filmed over by cataracts. They are thin and rangy, and it is unnerving to watch them move.

While dormant, they tend to appear as naturalistic features in a landscape, but particularly plant-life or something that once resembled plant-life, such as a rotting log or blending in with the algae in swamp water.