René Devereaux is a Seelie alligator Pooka who resides just outside of New Orleans.

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René Devereaux

Just outside of New Orleans, there lives a Seelie alligator pooka named René. A good Cajun, he was raised in the swamps in a run-down wooden shanty, where he still resides with his mother and younger sister. Several years ago, the pooka was snagged by a hunter’s hook while roaming in his animal form. The large metal device, cold iron, ripped and broke his arm, and though René managed to escape, he has suffered with a mangled limb ever since. Later investigation revealed that a group of Dauntain had sold the hooks cheap in an attempt to flush René out. He took care of the Dauntain once he had healed.

René has earned a reputation for himself by championing the creatures of the Mississippi Delta. He has built an organization, called Good Times Sanctuary, which he runs out of his home. To fund the effort, he takes tourists out into the marshes on his boat and shows them the many creatures that live there. He gives extensive and educated descriptions of their habits and of the man-made horrors which threaten them. In addition, city officials know to call him if an alligator happens to wander into a populated area. René retrieves it without harm to the animal and returns it to its natural habitat.

Out back, René has a pen where he brings alligators injured by boat motors or hunters. He nurses them back to health and then releases them again. More than once, he has found a nest of abandoned eggs and brought them home to hatch them himself. René has more alligators in the swamps that think he’s their mama than any of the natural animals have.

As a result of René’s efforts, the alligator population in the Mississippi Delta has nearly doubled in the past five years. Although the number of creatures is still pitifully low, keeping them on the Endangered List, René has made a difference. His letter-writing campaign to the Louisiana state government resulted in stricter protection laws for the animals and his deputation as a game official gave him the right to carry a weapon and arrest poachers.

Despite the humanitarian nature of his activities, René has little pity for those who repeatedly kill or maim the animals living in the swamps, whether through negligence, maliciousness or greed. He warns them once, harshly, and may even arrest them. However, the lucrative alligator-skin trade brings the more hard-core poachers back despite the warning. If René catches a repeat offender, he shows no mercy. These poor fools feel the vengeance of the creatures they were hunting and ends up as alligator chow.

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