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Reginald Proctor was a member of the High Guild who laid the foundation for what would eventually become the Syndicate, and by extension the entire Technocracy. Members of the Syndicate were known to regard him as "the godfather of Consensual Reality."[1]


In 1704, Proctor established an organization, Proctor House, on the site of the former Mistridge chantry. Through Proctor House, he invested heavily in steam technology and mechanization. His work ushered in the first Industrial Revolution, and enable colonialism and imperialism to feed Europe's voracious economic appetites.[2] A network of Proctor Houses across Europe, Africa and North America eventually served as social clubs and recruiting centers for the Order of Reason.[3] Proctor himself become one of the Old Masters, and was able to extend his life considerably by alchemical means, but at the cost of isolating himself for long periods of time to avoid Paradox effects.[4]

Proctor's vision of global free trade was eventually manifested in the Financiers, a methodology of the Invisible Exchequer.[5] Proctor was one of the key figures in the reorganization of the Order of Reason into the Technocratic Union in the 1800s, winning the patronage of Queen Victoria in the process. He lobbied the queen for the formation of the Grand Council for World Government, and persuaded his fellow Technocrats that world government was both possible and necessary, but the death of Wolfgang von Reismann in 1885 set back his plans.[3] Proctor also recruited Basil Rathbone's Skeleton Keys, the forerunners of the Ivory Tower and the New World Order, identifying them as having political connections many of the older Technocrats lacked.[6]

In 1914, Proctor died by suicide, have lived well over two centuries.[3]