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Regent, among the Tremere clan, is the position of overseer and figurehead of a local chantry.


Regents are responsible for seeing that the goals of the clan are carried out locally and they are accountable to the residing Lord of the territory. Thanks to agreements stemming back from the founding time of the Camarilla, a Regent has the right to enforce the Traditions on his own volition on chantry grounds, with the sole exception of the right of creating progeny.

It is also their duty the training of Apprentices. Not every Regent may lead or teach in the same way and an Apprentice that may have flourished in one Chantry may wither away into oblivion in another. Most Regents have a powerful command of Thaumaturgy and are masters of at least one path.

Known Regents

Regency Name Generation Source(s)
Amsterdam, Netherlands William Thorbecke 5 Children of the Night, p.66
Lille Haake 6 Children of the Night, p.66
Atlanta, United States of America Hannah 7 Necropolis: Atlanta, p.120
Belfast, Ireland Sean O'Meara 9 Diablerie: Britain, p. 37
Berlin, Germany Maxwell Ldescu 7 Berlin by Night, p. 58
Birmingham, United States of America Gregory Roiters 8 Storyteller's Handbook to the Sabbat
Brandenburg City, Germany
(Dark Ages)
Antal Garaboncias
(Dark Ages)
? Dark Ages Clan Novel: Tremere, p.280
Cairo, Egypt Kasper von Aupfholme 8 Cairo by Night, p.89
Hyapatia 9 Cairo by Night, p.88
Ceoris, Romania Goratrix
(Dark Ages)
4 House of Tremere, p. 25
(Dark Ages)
4 House of Tremere, p.27
Ardan Lane 7 Transylvania Chronicles IV: Dragon Ascendant, p.66
Chicago, United States of America Nicolai Antonescu 6 Chicago by Night, p. 117
Copenhagen, Denmark Rutor 7 The Red Sign, p. 95
Cordoba, Spain
(Dark Ages)
Viktor Nagy 8 Iberia by Night, p. 126
Durham, England Meerlinda
(Dark Ages)
4 House of Tremere, p. 138
Geraint de Monfort
(Dark Ages)
5 Libellus Sanguinis 2: Keepers of the Word, p.46
Reginald of Durham 5 Ventrue Chronicles, p. 50
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Benjamin Rufford 8 Clanbook: Tremere Revised], p. 99
Hamburg, Germany Johann Heinrich Bals 6 Envoyer, p. 99
Hartford, United States of America John Reiss 7 Dark Colony
Heidelberg, Germany Erich Wassermann 8 The Red Sign, p.96
Hong Kong Oliver Thrace 6 Hong Kong by Night, p.77
Jerusalem, Israel
(Dark Ages)
Mara 9 Jerusalem by Night, p. 105
Kraków, Poland Simon Alaches 7 Envoyer, p.92
Los Angeles, United States of America Maximillian Strauss ?
Magdeburg, Germany
(Dark Ages)
(Dark Ages)
7 Dark Ages Clan Novel: Tremere, p.278
Melbourne, Australia Charles Cipher 9 A World of Darkness Second Edition, p.156
Miami, United States of America Abigail 6 Necropolis: Atlanta, p.120
Milwaukee, United States of America Carna 8 Milwaukee by Night, p.50
Minneapolis, United States of America Simon Augustyn 6 D. C by Night, p. 71
New York, United States of America Aisling Sturbridge 10 Children of the Night, p.68
Paris, France LeDuc
(Dark Ages)
5 House of Tremere, p. 27
(Dark Ages)
4 House of Tremere, p. 132
Tania Caboche 10 Ashen cults, p. 56
Perugia, Italy
(Dark Ages)
Probitas 6 House of Tremere, p. 141
Rome, Italy Grimgroth 4 Clanbook: Tremere, p. 64
Rouen, France
(Dark Ages)
Goratrix (Dark Ages) 4 Dark Ages Clan Novel: Brujah, p.189
Maître Benoît
(Dark Ages)
6 France by Night, p.112
San Francisco, United States of America Luna Demian 7 San Francisco by Night, p.110
San Jose, United States of America Joseph Ravenfeather 9 Clanbook: Tremere Revised, p. 97
San Juan, Puerto Rico Louis Doumer Millarand 8 Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion, p. 71
Tokyo, Japan Preston Varrick 8 World of Darkness: Tokyo, p. 57
Vienna, Austria Etrius
(Dark Ages)
4 House of Tremere, p. 135
(Dark Ages)
? House of Tremere, p.135
Peter Spizzo (Modern) 5 Masquerade of the Red Death Volume 1 - Bloodwar
Astrid Thomas (Modern) 5 Wiener Blut: Wien bei Nacht, p. 64
Washington D.C, United States of America Helena Taylor 9 D. C by Night, p. 71
Wiesbaden, Germany Patricia von Bernstein 6 Die Stadt, das Blut und der Tod: Frankfurt bei Nacht, p. 64
York, England Leland of Durham 6 Ventrue Chronicles, p. 50
Zanzibar, Tanzania Noelle Cameron 6