Regent is a title held by the Sabbat vampire who has the ultimate authority over the entire sect, ruling it from the Sabbat stronghold in Mexico City.


In the Sabbat, there is only one Regent at a time, and while they do not have absolute authority, their directives are usually carried out. According to Sabbat doctrine, however, the Regent is merely overseeing the sons and daughters of Caine until the Dark Father returns to lead his children himself. The Regent is the president, so to speak, of this vampire sect, and each of the Archbishops or councils of Bishops is ultimately accountable to this authority.


The Regent's duties include:

  • Oversee all matters of the Pack;
  • Handle all disputes that cannot be resolved by the Cardinals or Prisci;
  • Has the authority to make/break alliances and declare enemies;
  • Has all powers regarding promotion and demotion of anyone in the Sabbat;
  • May remove the Initiated status from a lower-ranked member of the Sabbat;
  • Member of the Consistory with full voting power.

Known RegentsEdit

Very few has been said about the original Regent(s) of the Sabbat, but it is safe to assume that each Regent has been overthrown by the other. The very few named Regents were:

Mind's Eye TheatreEdit

Mind's Eye Theatre version of VTM written by By Night Studios also presents list of the Sabbat's Regents

  • Markel de Vasquez Itzal (Lasombra, 5th generation) — Ordained as the first Regent on October, 1493. Resigned to ‘attend to his studies’ on the 100th anniversary of that ascension. Markel de Vasquez Itzal is the only Regent who has survived the act of retirement.
  • Marozia d’Oscura (Lasombra, 4th generation) — In life, she was called “The Senatrix of Rome;” as a vampire, d’Oscura was a prodigious and ruthless diablerist, gaining her final generation by feasting on the soul of a True Brujah named Belit-Sheri. Marozia d’Oscura died under mysterious circumstances in 1625.  Possibly the real life figure
  • Niklas Berthraben von Weiss (Lasombra, 5th generation) — Called for the sect’s first synod. Destroyed in Monomacy, 1768. Argument over the righteousness of his defeat sparked the First Sabbat Civil War.
  • Gorchist (Tzimisce, 5th generation) — Signed the Purchase Pact in 1803 and drafted the Code of Milan (which was revised and finalized in 1933, after his death). Assassinated, 1860, during the Second Sabbat Civil War.
  • Melinda Galbraith (Toreador antitribu, 5th generation) — The Third Sabbat Civil war occurred during her term, in 1957. Galbraith was slain in 2000 by unknown parties amid suspicion she had become a servant of the infernal. After Galbraith’s death, a Tzimisce named Zachary Sikorsky impersonated her and held the Regency briefly, but his “tenure” was never validated with a ritus.
  • Temoch the Jackal (Gangrel Coyote, 6th generation) —The current Regent’s tenure marks a distinct shift in sect leadership from Old Europe to the New World. Embraced during the war for Mexico’s independence, Temoch is a devoutly faithful creature and a dedicated member of the Orthodox political faction, merging bloody Aztec practices with the ritual traditions of Catholicism. Temoch has created a political détente between the Lasombra and Tzimisce clans (both fear his removal will allow the other clan to seize the regency). His name is pronounced /TEE-mock/, but young Sabbat call him simply “the Jackal.” His pack is named Nuestra Muerte.


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