Regent is a title held by the Sabbat vampire who has the ultimate authority over the entire sect, ruling it from the Sabbat stronghold in Mexico City.


In the Sabbat, there is only one Regent at a time, and while they do not have absolute authority, their directives are usually carried out. According to Sabbat doctrine, however, the Regent is merely overseeing the sons and daughters of Caine until the Dark Father returns to lead his children himself. The Regent is the president, so to speak, of this vampire sect, and each of the Archbishops or councils of Bishops is ultimately accountable to this authority.


The Regent's duties include:

  • Oversee all matters of the Pack;
  • Handle all disputes that cannot be resolved by the Cardinals or Prisci;
  • Has the authority to make/break alliances and declare enemies;
  • Has all powers regarding promotion and demotion of anyone in the Sabbat;
  • May remove the Initiated status from a lower-ranked member of the Sabbat;
  • Member of the Consistory with full voting power.

Known RegentsEdit

Very few has been said about the original Regent(s) of the Sabbat, but it is safe to assume that each Regent has been overthrown by the other. The very few named Regents were:

Mind's Eye TheatreEdit

In the MET continuation, the new Regent is Temoch the Jackal, a gangrel antitribu, according to Mind's Eye Theatre version of VTM written by By Night Studios.


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