A Refinement is one of many known practices adopted by Prometheans as a means of mastering the Inner Fire, lest it master them instead. They are specific practices or methods for achieving the "Great Work", completing the incomplete creation that each Promethean knows itself to be - in short, attaining a soul.

Refinements fall into three categories: Common, Rare, and Centimani.

Common Refinements

  • Aurum (Gold) - the Refinement of Mortality, who seek their Great Work through developing relationships with humans.
  • Cuprum (Copper) - the Refinement of the Self, who seek self-improvement through seclusion and a practice called "going to the Wastes".
  • Ferrum (Iron) - the Refinement of the Corpus, which promises revelations through a Promethean's improvement of their physical form.
  • Plumbum (Lead) - the Refinement of Source, who examine the very existence of Prometheans in hopes of uncovering a way to reach their Magnum Opus.
  • Stannum (Tin) - the Refinement of Torment, who give themselves over to rage and ruin in hopes of achieving milestones.

Rare Refinements

  • Aes (Bronze) - the Refinement of Aid, who protect other Prometheans to further their own Pilgrimage.
  • Argentum (Silver) - the Refinement of Mystery, who study other supernaturals in order to understand their effects on humanity.
  • Cobalus (Cobalt) - the Refinement of Impurity, who hope to use their imperfections to purify themselves enough to reach Mortality.
  • Mercurius (Quicksilver) - the Refinement of Pyros, which studies the Divine Fire in hopes of unlocking the secrets to ending the Saturnine Night.
  • Phosphorum (Phosphorus)- The Refinement of Ephemerality, who study change, transition and death and how they affect the world around them.


  • Centimani (the "Hundred Handed") - Refinement of Flux, is also known, but feared by those on other paths to achieving the New Dawn.


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