The psion can stimulate his body to grow additional internal organs so that each individual organ is less important to the body as a whole. This means that the shifter can function normally even if maimed severely. Though he does not become any more difficult to kill, he still operates at peak efficiency when suffering from wounds. Certain variations of this power have been recorded by noeticists. Some psions have developed the capacity to ignore pain rather than duplicate internal organs, though the effect is the same as for normal applications of this power. By shutting off their nerves selectively, these psions suffer no short-term effects from damage, yet still retain enough feeling to fire weapons accurately, sense where they are hit and otherwise react to their environments.

System: Spend two Psi points and roll so that your character may modify his body appropriately. The initial process takes five hours, although this time may be reduced an hour for each extra success on the Psi roll (to a minimum of one hour). When your character takes damage, spend a PSI point for each Health Level he suffers. He isn’t affected by any wound penalties until the end of the scene. Damage doesn’t affect your character in any way - though he probably leaves a messy trail of gore if he’s Crippled. Upon reaching Incapacitated, he collapses like anyone else. At that point, your character may take a number of Health Levels of damage equal to his Stamina rating before he dies (such “extra” Health Levels are each healed as Incapacitated).

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