Redcap Gauntlets are a Level 1 Treasure of the Kithain.


Redcap Gauntlets.png

There is little most redcaps hate more than a clean, fair fight. That doesn't mean they go in for long, drawn-out affairs or pummeling their opponents into submission. Instead, they like fights to be quick and dirty and to end up with various meaty chunks of the other person scattered all over the floor. To whit, many 'caps will make themselves a pair of gauntlets and then put them to devastating use.

Redcap Gauntlets are, on the simplest level, a pair of gloves. If that were it, though, redcaps wouldn't like them so fond of them. Each redcap who makes a pair is sure to stud them with fishhooks, razor blades, broken glass, rusty nails, and splinters. No two pairs are alike and most redcaps swear they can't wear any but their own.

These gauntlets cover the redcap's fists and arms nearly to the elbow in jagged bands of rusty metal. Springing from them in every direction are blades, spikes, and protrusions of all sorts, most serrated or barbed. When a redcap wearing them makes a fist, it sounds like bones breaking; that sound is enough to send wise changelings running.


Most of the effect of wearing these gauntlets is theatrical, or rather psychological. Seeing an advancing redcap is bad enough; seeing one wearing dozens of jagged, hideous weapons on each fist is that much worse. They do, however, add to a redcap's efficiency in combat. Every time a redcap with these gloves hits, 2 dice get added to the dice pool for damage. Furthermore, at the Storyteller's discretion, they can roll the attacker's Dexterity + Brawl, difficulty 8, to see if any of the barbs, hooks, or spines catch in the defender's tender flesh.


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