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Reconcilers are one of the Factions in Demon: The Fallen. Fallen who are Reconcilers believe they chose the wrong path in rebelling against God and wish to make amends in some way. They hope they will be forgiven for their transgressions and be welcomed back into His arms.

Houses that tend to have Reconcilers as members include the Asharu and the Halaku. In contrast, the Lammasu and the Neberu have very few Reconcilers in their ranks.


The Reconcilers want a return to the way things were before The Fall. While this would appear to make them the "white hats", they will often attempt to do so at the expense of the other Factions, earning them the wrath of the Luciferans, Faustians, and Raveners on many an occasion. In addition, the ideas of how to return can vary greatly from Fallen to Fallen, as well as the motivation for doing so. Some Reconcilers want it for the benefit of everyone, while others will be satisfied if they alone achieve forgiveness, no matter how many Fallen and mortals they have stepped on to get there.


Loosely organized, most groups of Reconcilers tend to gather in groups akin to communes. Certain areas and cities, most notably Topeka, Kansas, are the exclusive territories of the Reconcilers and are fiercely defended against the influence of other factions. The leader of the Topeka Reconcilers is the Namaru Nuriel.

Other Reconcilers travel the world, preaching reconciliation and hoping to convert other Factions and the Fallen who cannot decide to a more forgiving world view. Most famous of these travelers is Ouestucati, who has abnormally low Torment and hopes to turn Fallen away from the misery it inflicts on themselves and others.

The Reconcilers are fortunate enough to have a rare Heavenly artifact, three links of an Elohim's binding chain from the War of Wrath; it is able to petrify any Rabisu that comes into contact with it. The artifact was found in a strange dimensional pocket in the tower of a castle in the Burgundy region of France, which the Reconcilers have also claimed. The tower's origins are unknown, but it slows down time substantially; one second on Earth equals twenty-three days in the tower. The Reconcilers use it to work on time-sensitive goals.


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