Rebecca Schaefer worked in White Wolf's office as an accountant and warehouse manager.



Special Thanks

  • 1993: VTM: Berlin by Night - Rebecca "Ska'd for Life" Schaefer, for enjoying the finer things in life.
  • 1993: VTM: Clanbook: Nosferatu - Rebecca “Chomp” Schaefer, for taking a bite out of Vampire.
  • 1993: WTA: Caerns: Places of Power - Rebecca "Shake and Bake" Schaefer for being lifted off her feet at the Howl-In.
  • 1994: VTM: Clanbook: Tremere - Rebecca “Reanimator” Schaeffer, for sending in her ghouls when she can’t make it.
  • 1994/July 16: VTM: Los Angeles by Night - Rebecca "Hidden Talent" Schaeffer, for showing us how to whip that ol' pea in there.
  • 1995: MTAs: Ascension's Right Hand - Rebecca "True Stories of the Warehouse Patrol" Schaefer, for becoming the forklift cop.
  • 1995/March 15: VTM: Clanbook: Assamite - Rebecca "Big Boss" Schaefer, for running the warhouse right.
  • 1995/July: VTM: The Inquisition - Rebecca “On Your Knees!” Schaeffer, for taking care of those invitees.
  • 1996: MTAs: The Book of Crafts - Rebecca "Elmber Fudd II" Schaeffer, for passing Jane the keys to freedom.
  • 1997: VTM: Cities of Darkness Volume 2 (reprint of Berlin by Night and Los Angeles by Night)
  • 1999/September: WTA: Ratkin (book) - Rebecca "PokéGigante" Schaefer, for having the biggest Pikachu in the office.
  • 2000: WTA: Ananasi (book) - Rebecca "Hirmonchan" Schaefer, for insisting on making it to the stadium on opening day.
  • 2000/January 20: VTM: Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy - Rebecca “There’s Something Wrong With These” Schaefer, for having the sense to avoid the cthulhoid candies on the kitchen table.
  • 2000/June 21: VTM: Clanbook: Gangrel Revised - Rebecca “Nutritionist” Schaefer, for dragging Chad out of the damn house before he ate one more bowl.
  • 2002/April 15: VTM: Archons & Templars - Was that a giant cat? There were people inside.

— Rebecca Schaefer

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