Realms of Norrath: Freeport is a sourcebook for the EverQuest RPG adapted to d20 rules.


Adventure Awaits You!
As Norrath's greatest melting pot of political and racial factions, the city of Freeport bubbles with opportunity and with danger. There, would-be heroes find their road to power, fame, and fortune - or they find an early grave.
This first in a series of Realms of Norrath books explores the city of Freeport and its environs, providing details of EverQuest lore never before assembled and revealed.
  • A complete regional sourcebook on the city of Freeport and the surrounding lands.
  • An ideal campaign setting for the EverQuest Role-Playing Game
  • Dozens of new magic items and creatures

Chapter One: Overview of the CityEdit

Chapter Two: The History of FreeportEdit

Chapter Three: Churches, Factions and GuildsEdit

Chapter Four: People and Places in Freeport=Edit

Chapter Five: The CommonlandsEdit

Chapter Six: The Desert of RoEdit

Chapter Seven: The Ocean of TearsEdit

Appendix: Magic ItemsEdit

Appendix: Open Game LicenseEdit

The True Wand of MarnekEdit

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