The Reality Makers are a Legacy that deals with manufacturing both their reality and their luck. They are an offshot of the Sisterhood of the Blessed, formed by members who were partly trained into their ways, but rejected the attitude of the Sisters and chose to use luck as a way to allow members to more easily make their way in the world when they lacked the benefits of wealth and social class.


Some mages focus their efforts upon the ability to command reality itself, creating both objects and luck at a whim. Considering themselves to be almost minor lords of creation, these mages are able to move easily through life because they always have needed objects or cash on hand and few material obstacles can block their way. Known as Drifters, these mages are not prone to accept rules made by others. Instead, they see the world as something that is theirs to shape and alter as they will. Some care little about others, most are at least moderately compassionate, but few see any point in allowing anything other than their own choices and desires to dictate their actions. Members of this Legacy are commonly known as Drifters in large part because they believe a sufficiently able person should never need to exert herself except when she wishes to and that with enough skill and cleverness it is possible to bypass or eliminate any obstacle. For most Drifters, directly attacking an obstacle is both foolish and a mark of desperation. Reality Makers seek to swiftly and easily bypass and avoid obstacles put before them and to reserve their attention for matters that interest them. The idea that there is any virtue in struggle or needless hard work is completely antithetical to members of this Legacy. Instead, for them the best evidence someone is successful and worthy of respect is if this person never has to work at anything he does not enjoy. Reality Makers also believe no problem is insoluble and that skill and cleverness are far superior ways of solving problems than hard work or any similarly direct approach.

Many mages find Drifters strange and even paradoxical, and often describe them as highly dedicated dilettantes or as being exceptionally ambitious in their laziness. To the Reality Makers themselves, there is no contradiction in their views, because they firmly believe success should come easily if one knows the right tricks to achieve it. While they can't precisely pull living rabbits out of hats, pulling fifty-dollar bills, high security ID badges or similar items out of their pockets is often far more useful.

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