Ready-Made Player Characters: The Keystone is a RMPC release for Demon: The Descent. Each character comes with a backstory and statistics, ready to be used in a chronicle on the fly.

Summary[edit | edit source]

From the Onyx Path catalog:

Running a one-night game of Demon: The Descent? Wanting to start up a new chronicle, but your players aren’t sure what to play? Looking for a fast way to dive into one of White Wolf’s SAS adventures?
Demon the Descent Ready Made Characters details “The Keystone,” a ring of demons bonded by the strange circumstances of their Fall.
A collection of four player characters for Demon: The Descent
  • Four pre-generated player characters, with both starting and experienced character sheets.
  • A brief break-down the character’s history to help players jump into the group.
  • Storyteller advice for the group, as well as complete Ciphers for all four characters.

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

“That reminds me of my…uh…old boss. Misled. Misunderstood. I’m sure if I can get back to that job, I can make a real difference.”
- Lindsey Conrad
“What do you mean I’m not dressed for the party? That’s bullshit! What? No, I’m not drunk!”
- Thomas Little
“I can’t wait to see how they react when they find out their so-called ‘official story’ has changed.”
- Ivy Watson
“If that building is being built that way…no, I’ve already said too much.”
- Robert Coleman

Characters[edit | edit source]

Lindsey Conrad (Ms. Cook)
A Destroyer with an Integrator Agenda. Her Catalyst is Admiration. Lindsey has friendly and generous personality, but quickly turns on those she deems "wastes". She believes she can reprogram the God-Machine.
Thomas Little (Big Tom)
A Guardian with a Tempter Agenda. His Catalyst is Failure Shock. Diminutive in both size and social stature, Tom seeks to prove himself to society and goes to great lengths to impress those who would otherwise ignore him.
Ivy Watson
A Messenger with a Saboteur Agenda. Her Catalyst is Autonomy. Withdrawn and needing only the company of computers, Ivy is determined to stop the God-Machine and the Angels from preying on humanity.
Robert Coleman
A Psychopomp with an Inquisitor Agenda. His Catalyst is Doubt. Calculated and determined, Robert uses his job to funnel any information he can find about the God-Machine in the city, and is wary of the rest of the Unchained in the ring.

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