Ready-Made Player Characters: Club Taboo is a set of pre-made characters for Mummy: The Curse. Each comes complete with a backstory and the statistics needed to use them in a Chronicle.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

We were alone once.
Though surrounded by one another, all of us workers in the mighty craft-houses of old, we lived bent to task, eternally cloaked in the shadows of our masters...forever alone, but for their dark company.
As before, we remain bent to task, serving in the only way we know how, but it is different now.
We are not alone. Not anymore.
- Men-Seftekh Shahara, Founder of the Club Taboo
In these pages you'll find the five Arisen patrons of the Club Taboo, from Lady Isis, the mistress of masks, to Djehutimose, the club's undying bouncer, each with a detailed background and complete game statistics.
Five very different souls, one very unique meret of mummies.

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“No, I am not a god; I’m a hell of a lot kinder than most of the gods I’ve heard of.”
- Hiram Shahara
I don’t care what we have to do… what I have to do. My dignity is a small price to pay to keep you safe.”
- Kebi Abdou
“Don’t lie to me. I like hurting liars. If you lie to me, I might not be able to stop hurting you.”
- Djehutimose
“Give me ten minutes and I’ll give you the world. Okay, maybe fifteen.”
- Neith
“Of course it’s a pseudonym. You don’t think I go around introducing myself as ‘Panhsj, the Nubian, do you?”
- Jack Frost

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Hiram Shahara
A Ba of the Mesen-Nabu. His Judge is Neheb-ka. Hiram cares deeply for his Deathless kin, but falls prey to his lust for wealth.
Kebi "Lady Isis" Abdou
An Ab of the Maa-Kep. Her Judge is Tutuutef. Like Hiram, Kebi cares deeply for the Deathless she considers family, and will do anything to keep them safe.
A Ka of the Su-Menent. His Judge is Set-Qesu. Djehutimose hasn't adapted well to the modern world, but it does not stop him from protecting his meret, his main goal in deathlessness.
Neith "The Broker"
A Ren of the Sesha-Hebsu. His Judge is Khem-Inhu. Wary to leave the protection of Club Taboo, Neith uses his position in the club's security to gather secrets and information that he later sells.
Jack "The Shadow" Frost
A Sheut of the Tef-Aabhi. His Judge is Am-Khaibit. Jack is a man of many identities, so many he has trouble remembering his true self. Jack is wary of being around so many Arisen, but also finds himself intrigued by it.

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