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Ready-Made Player Characters are minor releases that White Wolf and the Onyx Path issue for their game lines, most of which involve the Chronicles of Darkness.


Each release is made up of a number of pre-made characters. The releases are intended for groups of players, both new and veteran, who aren't sure what kind of character they want to play.


Most Ready-Made Player Characters include three elements: characters, plot hooks, and tips on intertwining the characters into an SAS for a particular game line.

  • Characters - Most of the RMPC releases include a number of characters equal to that game line's number of involuntarily joined supernatural types. For example, The Slaughterhouse V has five characters, one for each of the five clans found within Vampire. Each character is given a backstory, statistics, and art.
  • Plot Hooks - The backstory of the characters is elaborated on, showing the various and potential hooks that could be made for them specifically. This section usually also includes advice for dropping or adding members of the group based on how many players are involved.
  • SAS Integration - The RMPC releases also tie the backstories of the characters into specific SAS releases. The Ready-Made Player Characters: LSCS for the Chronicles of Darkness takes the backstories of several of the characters and adds links to the SAS Chicago Workings. This is done for both helping new Storytellers run a story, as well as giving veteran groups the option to run an adventure relatively quickly.

Published Collections

The releases listed here are sorted by chronological release date.