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Rayzeel is a Salubri methuselah, a childe of Saulot himself, and a follower of the Valeren Path of the Healer. Among her clanmates, she was renowned for her gift of song.


She was beloved of both Saulot and Samiel; the former may have Embraced her out of love, and the latter is described as her "brother", although it is unclear whether this relationship was one of mortal blood or merely a reference to their mutual Antediluvian sire.

When Samiel was slain in the Baali Wars, only Rayzeel and Malkav were able to console Saulot in his grief. After Saulot slipped into his final torpor, Rayzeel disappeared from Cainite society. Although some believed her to have been destroyed, one of her clanmates reported hearing her songs from the lips of a mortal in Salerno during the Dark Ages. At some point after, she slipped into torpor in her haven beneath the city of Ashur, where Saulot had Embraced the progenitors of the twisted Baali bloodline millennia earlier; here, she would lay in rest for centuries.

Final Nights

Before or during 1999, as the Final Nights approached, Rayzeel awakened from torpor. She spoke of prophecies with the Tzimisce Milivoje Dobrosavic, albeit briefly, who in turn informed his clanmate Sascha Vykos of Rayzeel's whereabouts. Somehow (possibly through one of the two Tzimisce), the Tremere Councilor Etrius also learned of Rayzeel's whereabouts. However, Etrius kept this information to himself, as he realized that the Salubri methuselah knew of secrets that would be lost forever if he allowed the rest of the Council to find and destroy her.

Gehenna: The Final Night

As Gehenna bore onward, Etrius vanished, and his library was looted by the Gangrel archaeologist Beckett and his companion Kapaneus. The pair were able to trace Rayzeel to Ashur, although they were beaten there by Lucita and Theo Bell, as Lucita had been able to trace Rayzeel though her contacts among the Salubri antitribu. The vampires were forced to flee the city with Rayzeel in tow as an Abyssal monstrosity manifested itself from the long-dormant Baali organ pit beneath Ashur. As Rayzeel prepared to impart Beckett with the knowledge of enlightenment that he sought, she was slain by an Obfuscated assassin: Beckett's former comrade Okulos, in the guise of the Gangrel's ghoul, Cesare.