Raveners are one of the Factions in Demon: The Fallen. Fallen who are Raveners are nihilists and cynics who revel in the destruction of everything in Creation. Some do it purely for revenge against God while others do it in an attempt to provoke him into destroying them as well, ending their own suffering. They look at the broken world and wasted potential of humanity and believe there's only one option left: destroy everything. Some see it as a way to finally lure out God and his angels, others see it as an act of mercy to a near-dead world, and many just don't care at all.

Houses that tend to have Raveners as members include the Rabisu, and to a lesser extent the Lammasu and Halaku. The Namaru are the House least likey to become Raveners.


Although Raveners have a reputation as mindless killing machines, most are actually quite intelligent and cunning; many actually act with a great deal of subtlety, using betrayal and confusion to destroy as much as they would a weapon. Most of them encourage the violent stereotype to keep the other factions guessing.

Many Raveners were on the front-line of the War of Wrath, giving them a great deal of experience and confidence in their ability to destroy. As the nihilists of the faction, they have nothing to lose and will gladly prove it to any who don't believe them.


Of the five factions, the Raveners are the masters of deception. They have more spies in the enemy factions than even the Cryptics. Many of the other factions do not even begin to suspect they have Raveners hidden in their ranks, and some of the spies have actually become highly placed among their enemies. Some Raveners have also becoming accomplished at detecting and spying on the invocations of other Fallen.

The Raveners have one major hold, an old fortress called Lemuria, which sits at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. They have carefully examined the curious relics and history of the site, but have not identified the culture of the Lemurians as being of an Earthly variety. They are intrigued by the power these surprisingly potent items offer, and the Lemurian artifacts have become highly prized among the Raveners.

Given their destructive and violent nature, it should come as no surprise that some Raveners choose to not always cooperate with their comrades and tend to be quite antisocial.


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