A Ravaging Clique is a type of Unseelie Clique.

Overview Edit

Shadow Court 14
Survival isn’t the only goal of this type of clique. Ravaging cliques travel freely with little regard for who the ruler of a particular faerie kingdom may be. There’s more important information to gather, such as the activities of the so-called “Prodigals.” They may have one or two grumps on whom they depend, and may even take them along as advisors. Most of the clique will typically stay away from the intrigues of courts, but only because their anonymity increases their chances of succeeding with guerrilla tactics.

Ravaging cliques also prepare for the onset of Endless Winter. Some have developed rituals for obtaining Glamour from unusual places as a way to speed up the process. These changelings have a profound knowledge of the world that most of their brethren lack, and often undertake a wider variety of adventures.

The Shadow Court’s second and third goals are gaining an understanding of the supernatural world and preparing for the onset of Winter. Ravaging cliques specialize in these activities.

References Edit

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