Ravagers are Beasts who hunger for Ruin. They typically damage or destroy things in order to foster a sense of uncertainty and vulnerability; if they kill a human, they target someone important to a whole community. The lesson they teach is that disasters are survivable.

For a Ravager, the intrinsic value of their target is less important than the emotional ties people have to it. At high Satiety, however, either their target must be valued by a large number of people, or the damage they cause must be dramatic or extensive. For Ravagers of lower Satiety, lesser damage and less high profile targets will suffice.

Note that Ravagers will take steps to avoid collateral damage to humans: burning down a building with the residents inside is horrific, but forcing the residents to watch their homes burn is more likely to result in a satisfying feeding. Ravagers also don't need their victims to recognize them as the agents of destruction. Indeed, it's often more unsettling to people (and thus more satisfying to the Beast) when the perpetrator of a destructive act remains unknown and unexplained.


Beast: The Primordial Hungers

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