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Ratkin is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse concerning the titular Ratkin, the were-rats of the World of Darkness. It is the fifth of the breedbook series, focusing on various Fera.


From the White Wolf catalog:

A Plague of Rats
For ages, they've waited in the shadows, beady eyes and high chittering the only signs of their presence. They seethe with ancient hatreds and poorly healed wounds. Now the time comes for them to boil up out of the sewers, to exact their revenge upon the world. The Ratkin are coming. Woe to anyone they catch.
The Infestation Begins!
With the release of the fifth Changing Breed Book, the Ratkin take their rightful place among the werebeasts. These crazed, paranoid saboteurs and assassins have a number of old debts to pay, and they have plenty of tricks ready. Whether you're a player who's been waiting to get your hands really dirty or a Storyteller who wants to put the fear of Rat in your group, this is the book for you.


Introduction: The Shadow of the RatEdit

Chapter One: Ratkin LegendsEdit

History as the wererats tell it.

Chapter Two: Infesting the WorldEdit

A look at Ratkin society

Chapter Three: Crunchy Bits and Shiny ThingsEdit

Ratkin Character Creation

Chapter Four: Aspects and RenownEdit

Ratkin "auspices" and Rank

Chapter Five: Systems and StorytellingEdit

Optional guidelines for intensifying the Ratkin experience.

Appendix One: Ratkin GiftsEdit

Appendix Two: Rat BastardsEdit

Appendix Three: The Real WorldEdit

Background InformationEdit

Memorable QuotesEdit





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