Rathmonicus was a True Brujah elder with ties to the Tal'Mahe'Ra. He is credited with founding the Path of the Scorched Heart.


Back in the 14th century CE, Rathmonicus sought to catalogue and collect every philosophy and stricture made available to him on the topic of quieting the Beast. He compiled and recorded his findings in a codex called the Book of the Empty Heart.

The letters were passed among the True Brujah and a few Giovanni, Lasombra (who are now antitribu), and Toreador within the Church. Over time, the Path of Rathmonicus became known as the Path of the Scorched Heart because of the terrible cold-heartedness of its followers.

Despite only three verifiable copies of the original book surviving to the present age, unconfirmed English copies are somewhat common in scholarly circles (although path adherents diligently search for any texts to destroy inaccurate or inauthentic translations).

Unfortunately, the founder of the Path fell during the tumult of the Anarch Revolt.


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