Rat Breath is an Unseelie Redcap Wilder and the bodyguard and lover of Lady Alexandria ap Fiona.

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Rat Breath

It was the Accordance War and a childling redcap was given the honor of being the standard-bearer in Dafyll's retinue that fateful day. The Trolls had forced them into the narrow confines of the turnstiles. "Run! I will cover your retreat!" Dafyll shouted. The old man had guts, give him that. The old fool. In the shadows and the confusion, what with the trolls throwing those darn exploding rocks and all, it was too bloody easy. A blade twisted cruelly in the back. An exhilarating rush of hot blood and a redcap boy became a man. Then there was the reward: a kiss on the cheek from a fairy princess. Rat Breath has been enslaved to Alexandria's will since he first saw her in Dafyll's garden. He knows he's being used but doesn't care. He will probably die in her service or kill her in a jealous rage. That's the way star-crossed romances go sometimes.

He has two personalities. One is murderous and foul; the other, when he's around Alexandria and other sidhe, is charming and obsequious. Anyone with common sense avoids him like a hungover troll. Most just tut-tut and sigh that "it's such a pity Lady Alexandria doesn't know her servant's true nature. (She's generous to a fault.) She is of house Fiona, though, so it isn't too strange." They don't know is that she encourages him in his behavior or that you're lovers. He is merciless to those weaker than he is but pours on the charm for his sidhe lords. He's extremely good with a sword.

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Rat Breath is small, unshaven, and generally rat-like. He has beady black eyes and perfect, straight, blue-white teeth. He dresses in tattered black motorcycle leathers and gang patches. In his fae mien he wears a brown and black leather jerkin reminiscent of peasant garb from the Middle Ages. Instead of a red cap, he wears a black felt hat with a long red feather in it. He is rarely seen without his curved, black short sword.

References Edit

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