Rapture is one of the four ways of Epiphany that Changelings use to harvest Glamour.

Overview Edit

Changelings possess both faerie and mortal natures. By allowing their mortal sides to be inspired... achieve Rapture... they can get in touch with the Dreaming as if they were mortal Dreamers. This is a very lengthy and difficult process as it takes a lot of soul-searching and understanding of one's faerie and mortal natures, but is also has the potential for enormous gain.

Rapture allows a changeling to gain Glamour from their own imagination. The moment of Rapture is one of pure and total ecstasy as the changeling connects directly to the Dreaming. The two halves of their nature are united as one for a brief and fleeting moment. Both the Seelie and Unseelie recognize that Rapture is difficult to achieve. Any Kithain who can find it is believed to have reached an ultimate height.

In order to achieve Rapture, a changeling must make an artistic or creative breakthrough, which is no small task. The changeling chooses an art or medium in which they excel (though this is not a necessity), and comes up with a vision or an idea that they want to fulfill before they can begin the long process of seeking Rapture.

System Edit

When the Storyteller decides that that the character has labored over their creation long enough, and is at the point of achieving Rapture, the player must make an appropriate Attribute + Ability roll (difficulty of the character's permanent Glamour score subtracted from their permanent Banality score + 6). The difficulty can also be adjusted if the Storyteller believes that the character has devoted more than enough time, thought, and passion to their creation.

The number of successes rolled equals the amount of Glamour that the character gains. If the player rolls 5 or more successes, the changeling gains a point of permanent Glamour in addition to the temporary Glamour! A botch indicates a total and utter confidence-shattering failure, causing the character to gain a temporary point of Banality.

References Edit

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