Count Raoul Orzaiz is the well known spokesman for the Teragen. He is known to spend some of his time in the Amp Room at a private table speaking with individuals about the Teragen. He is always unfailingly polite, even around baselines.


Hailing from a Basque dynasty, Count Orzaiz' noble bearing came naturally. When he erupted shortly after he graduated from university, it simply encouraged his jet setting style. He was fond of going on photo safaris, now he could actually run with the cheetahs.

When the Null Manifesto was broadcast on October 31, 2005, Raoul immediately announced his adherence to it.

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Although it never says it directly in the text, we can make an educated guess and say that Raoul is the son of Raphael's first wife since he is the eldest.

This is not canon: We can also probably assume that the rest of Raphael's eight children are daughters... or if they are sons they probably didn't make much of themselves since Raoul is his "most favorite". Just a hunch.


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