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The most prevalent titles used in Mage: The Ascension are those denoting a character's level of advancement in learning a Sphere of magic. This is the system used by the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions, though there are number of ranks and titles used by each Tradition or other organizations.

Rank in the Traditions

All of the Traditions recognize a shared system of titles where rank is determined by an individual mage's highest Sphere. Anyone with a 5th dot in a single Sphere is considered a Master, though sometimes this title is extended to include their specialties, such as Master of Correspondence and Entropy. Many Traditions tie authority and responsibility to one's mystical knowledge, but this varies between groups and does not normally extend beyond one's own Tradition.

  • 1st Dot: Initiate
  • 2nd Dot: Apprentice
  • 3rd Dot: Disciple
  • 4th Dot: Adept
  • 5th Dot: Master

Rank in the Technocracy

While the Technocracy also uses Enlightenment as a measure of authority, ultimately its system of rank represents an individual's place in the command structure. It is possible for an agent on the field to have more proficiency with Enlightened Science than a supervisor, but that is not normally the case because advancement requires a long history of loyalty and service to the Technocratic Union's doctrines.

  • Citizen - the Sleepers that work within some branch of the Technocracy, though they may be lead to believe they are serving another agency.
  • Minor agent or employee - those who have learned to use basic levels of Enlightened Science. They are officially recruited into the Technocracy and assigned to work at a Construct.
  • The Enlightened, agent, or operative - those who have served a Construct for an extended period of time while displaying loyalty and increased skill using Enlightened Science.
  • Expert or supervisor, those who oversee a group of agents, a Construct, or act as representatives at a Symposium.
  • Master - those who are responsible for a geographic region or who influence the entire Technocracy's agenda as a member of Control.


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