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Ramessu was one of the childer of Zapathasura and known to Embrace only from the merchant caste. His descendants would eventually form the Vaisya caste within the Ravnos clan.


Some legends of the clan claim that Ramessu wandered into the east at one time, tired of the endless war between the asuratizayya and his Clan, and settled in Egypt during one of the times the Osirian League and Set battled again against each other.

After his arrival in Egypt, he took a large section from the Setite territory when they tried to cast him out. He was able to do this because the Setites were fighting with the local lupines at the time and didn't have the resources to fight both.

There, he gave birth to his own jati, the Alexandrites. He was known to rule from a court that imitated ancient Egypt (with antiquated protocol and everything) over his childer until he fell into torpor during the renaissance.