Ralph is an Unseelie Redcap Wilder in the Kingdom of Pacifica.



As a child, Ralph's immigrant father told him stories from the old country about how trolls steal children away and replace them with troll-children, especially if the children had been bad. On those not-so-rare occasions when Ralph's father was drunk, he'd take out his frustrations on the boy, screaming at him that he was in fact a troll-child and not his flesh and blood at all. A sweet an innocent child, Ralph bought every word of it and it was no surprise to him when he underwent his Chrysalis and emerged as a redcap. And since he was a redcap, Ralph reasoned, he was in fact not his father's child. It would therefore be best for him to leave the house since he didn't truly belong there. By the time anyone explained to him the way being a changeling actually worked, it was far too late. He's run the street as muscle for years now and can't imagine going back.


Ralph is large and impressive yin the same way as a rhinoceros or elephant. He's absolutely huge and wears nothing but studded leather and torn jeans. His smile is far too wide and there's a persistent rumor that he refers to nockers as "the other white meat." His head is shaved, though he has a black mustache and goatee. In fae mien, his head flattens out and his hide turns lumpish and scaly.


Big and stupid, Ralph will do whatever LittleJohn tells him to do because, well, he told him to do it. To call him a follower is an understatement; ants and termites have more initiative. He's not really bad at heart, just running with a bad crowd. If anyone ever takes the time to talk to him, he'll probably like them a whole lot. Those who get in his way, though, when he's after something the boss wants, well, too bad for them.


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