The Rakshasa are a bloodline of the Nosferatu Clan. Part of the Kshatriya Caste of India, some Rakshasa have left their homeland.


Originally, the Rakshasa acted as "attack dogs" of the Brahman Caste. During the time where the East India Company ruled great parts of India, the Rakshasa clashed with the Amara Havana over how to deal with the threat. Encouraged by the Invictus, the inter-caste conflict spelled doom for the bloodline. The Amara Havana and their allies, the Ananta Naga, conspired to assassinate a dozen Rakshasa elders, plunging the bloodline into internal chaos, and then turned their knives on each other.

In the aftermath of the conflict, India had became an imperial colony. Outraged by this, the Brahman vampires planned on how to strike against them, forming the Southern Cities Alliance. The Rakshasa were sent forth to gather information on the Princes of the West. Some Rakshasa have traded on their martial prowess. Rakshasas who have taken up physical professions such as bodyguard or Hound distinguish themselves through great courage and loyalty. Others, however, offer to sell Kindred access to the realm of influence these vampires have established: shipping, specifically of the undead. Kindred who want to smuggle cargo into or out of a city can hire the Rakshasas and their ghoul minions.


The weakness of their parent Clan also afflicts the Rakshasa. In addition, they possess a hot temper and have a harder time resisting Frenzy.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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