Rainmakers say that they have always been a part of the Dreamtime, and merely woke up when they were needed again, but choose not to share who or what woke them up, merely why.


The first kind of Spirit Being to be seen following the Wars of the Songlines, rainmakers firmly decline to be called Rainbow Serpents, though they do say they are of the Serpent’s skin.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Rainmakers are found all across Australia, wherever the ancient dreaming tracks lead, and protect the ancient Glades and songlines extant where the Dreamtime still survives. Many rainmakers choose to lead a solitary life, drawn by the stories of their Ancestor Beings to retrace the dreaming tracks and keep the Dreamtime alive. Others prefer to live amongst their mortal kin, while a rare few can be found amongst respectful Kithain communities. Most rainmakers tend to find leadership roles within the small groups they inevitably form around them.

No matter how they fit into their tribal society and the Dreamtime at large, rainmakers hold one thing dearer than any other thing: Law. Older than the Escheat and a powerful force for fae morality in Australia, rainmakers are tasked with upholding Law wherever they travel. Outside of their snake forms, rainmakers are not often overtly identifiable as Spirit Beings. While some still don the traditional garb of their peoples, others prefer to adopt Western-style clothing that conceals the patterns and colors reminiscent of snakeskin that sweep up their spines and spread along their backs and bellies.

Birthrights & FrailitiesEdit


  • Realm Affinity: Fae.
  • Serpent’s Shape: Rainmakers may spend 1 Glamour to reflexively shift between their human form and the form of an indigenous snake, gaining the qualities of that species. Many rainmakers adopt the forms of large pythons, becoming amphibious and gaining a powerful crushing attack against those wrapped in their coils. Others adopt the forms of taipans, and enjoy speed, camouflage, and a deadly venomous bite attack. A few even take the form of sea snakes, gaining both amphibious traits and an envenomed bite.
  • Watercaller: Once per session, a rainmaker may call water from the sky or the ground, no matter how clear the skies above or how parched the ground below. This water is always clean, cold, and of sufficient volume for the watercaller, or her camp’s, needs. This Birthright costs one point of Glamour. Rainmakers may also use this Glamour to punish those who transgress against Law, cursing them with terrible thirst that is not slaked no matter how much they drink, reducing soak by 1 and imposing a +1 penalty on all difficulties for the rest of the scene.


  • Bound to Law: Should a rainmaker do the unthinkable and act against that which she is charged to uphold, she loses all temporary Willpower points and may not regain them by any means until she has properly atoned. She also may not use her Watercaller Birthright.


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