Raindance Smith

Raindance Smith is a Bastet biker of the Pumonca tribe.


In contrast to his occasional traveling companion Rucksack Mary, the Sioux biker known as Raindance Smith is quiet and reserved. He’s friendly enough once you get him going, but prefers listening to talking. That’s okay with most women he encounters: Raindance (so called because of his propensity for showering during thunderstorms) is a babe.

Tanned and trim, with long black hair and deep brown eyes, Smith rests easily on a massive black Harley. Raindance dresses in denim and leather, and he wears his Apache heritage proudly.

For a biker, Smith has few tattoos. He’s got a story for each one, though: The two-faced hawk on his left bicep recalls the tale of Three-Rings-Carrying, while the eagle spread across his back was engraved by his grandfather just before Smith left home. Smith is quietly edgy, with a restless streak that keeps him moving. His eyes burn through whatever’s in his sights and retain a predatory edge even when the man himself is smiling.

Tales of Raindance are many and varied; supposedly, he fought in the War of Chicago alongside the Garou, exposed a right-wing politician who ran a child prostitution ring, killed a Mexican people smuggler, and single-handedly torched a Pentex factory.

He is known as the Son of the Thunderbird, and travels under that Jamak’s good graces. Occasionally, he’s said to dress as a woman or act contrary for a while, as Thunderbird’s chosen sometimes do. Raindance has a great memory for faces, and recalls people he met in childhood. Many Bastet speculate on Raindance Smith’s agenda (or lack thereof), but even his best friends only know him casually. Like a cloud across the sky, Smith rolls through quickly, then passes on.


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