Name: Rahu
Plural: Rahu
Pronunciation: rah-hoo
Nicknames: Warrior
Auspice: Full moon
Renown: Purity
Gifts: Dominance, Full Moon, Strength
Ability: Warrior's Eye
Specialties: Brawl, Intimidation, Survival

General Edit

Rahu are born under the full moon, which bestows those who undergo their First Change in its sign of mad fury. As Luna's face is filling, her spark of wrath reflects in the spirit landscape, making it a more dangerous place than it already is. Aggressive impulses are harder to overcome and Forsaken, who change under Luna's full face, are known for being vicious and unrelenting warriors. But this does not necessarily mark a true Rahu as a beserker, nor should he be dismissed as mindless. Some are inspiring leaders on the battlefield, others are talented and cunning tacticians.

A Rahu's role in a pack is to be the foremorst warrior, the first to charge into the enemy's rows and the last to retreat. A pack with a strong Rahu has better odds at succeeding in encounters, as he's not only a capable warrior but is also able to sense a foe's weakness.

The Change: Uratha who first change under the sign of the full moon are bound to unleash their burning fury on everything and everyone nearby, ensueing that the change will end in blood. It is far from being unheard of that Rahu may have to go through their lives with the stains of loved ones' blood on their hands.

Werewolf: The Forsaken auspices

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