Ragnild von Folkke is a young, Nocker Wilder; barely out of her childling years, and part of the ruling council of the Bavarian League.


Ragnild von Folkke.png

In the fall of 1970, a nocker childling watched in terror as brightly clad Sidhe warriors destroyed her home, a clock shop full of wonder and a perfect place to learn the magic of the Kithain. Worse for the young changeling was to see her nocker father defending his workshop with his last breath and dying on a noble's sword. She hid for her life and cried silently that night. The next day, coming out of hiding, she made her way from Freiberg to Munich and joined the Silver Rose, a commoner motley dedicated to challenging Sidhe rulership and ending noble oppression. The girl forgot her old name and from then on went by Ragnild von Folkke: "wise guardian of the people." In the end, her skills and those of her nocker friends paid off; their awesome machines turned the tide against the sidhe in the Five Years War. Ragnild was one of the co-founders of the Galacian Confederation and has sat on the Diet; the elected ruling council of the Bavarian League, several times. She has tried to forgive the Sidhe for the murder of her father but still can't bring herself to trust them.

Nockers may have good reason to visit her and her magnificent clockworks. Plus any commoner interested in learning more about the Confederation would find interesting conversation with this radical. It's well worth the cost of a plane ticket to make her acquaintance.

Ragnild once gave a speech called Concordia's Seeds of Destruction: Parliament of Dreams, Chamber of Horrors.


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