RATW vol. 3
Rage Across New York Credits
Author: Daniel Greenberg
Editing: Rob Hatch
Development: Bill Bridges
Layout: Sam Chupp
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Art: John Bridges, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook
Maps: Richard Thomas, Chris McDonough
Cover: Clark Mitchell
Cover Design: Chris McDonough
Special Thanks: Andrew "Santa" Greenberg for letting the kids sit on his lap.
William "Huh?" Hale for using his head in four square.
Ken "Goob Cat" Cliffe for absorbing pure goob.
Sam "Hot Rod" Chupp for finally having wheels.
Benjamin "Props" Monk, Jr. for bringing the first toys to the playest.
Rene "Spider" Lilly for her dinner guest at the eerie fish place.
Wes "Co-ed" Harris for pursuing higher education.
Mark "Whine like an Egyptian" Rein•Hagen for winning anyway.
Stewart "Quinessential" Wieck for the character sheet with the sesquipedalian names.
Travis "Online" Williams for reaching out and youching the panther lady.
Josh "Froggy got back" Timbrook for his return to four-square.
Chris "I'll be back" McDonough for obsessing on the phone number.
Richard "Shirt of the Wyrm" Thomas for his negative image.
Lyndi "Halloween Cheer" Hathaway for the treats and Amish humor on Fang Day.
Rage Across the Amazon Credits
Authors: J. Morrison, William Spencer-Hale and Bill Bridges
Additional Material by: Sam Chupp, David Key, George Neal
Developed by: Bill Bridges
Edited by: Brian Campbell
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Art: John Bridges, Jeff Rebner, Dan Smith, Kathleen Ryan
Maps: Brian J. Blume, Eric Hotz
Layout and Typesetting: Sam Chupp
Logo and Back Cover Design: Michelle Prahler
Production Assistance: Kathleen Ryan
Front Cover: Tony Harris (uncredited)
Special Thanks to: Benjamin "Lips" Monk, Jr. for his talking navel.
Sam "Public Domain" Chupp for giving everyone the Wyrm.
Travis "Mac Daddy Drac" Williams for his tally sheet on Coppola's "Dracula."
William "Willy Pale" Hale for his blinding whiteness and White Water and his blistering redness later.
Lyndi "Swamp Thing" Hathaway for turning green at White Water.
Josh "Blood of the Leopard" Timbrook for taking us to the authentic kung-fu movies.
Mark "Twenty dollars" Rein•Hagen for spending it on bourbon.
Wes "Texas Grolsch" Harris for that intoxicating salad dressing at Origins '93.
Andrew "Sedentary" Greenberg for lucking out and missing Origins
Stewart "Dead Letter Office" Wieck for the amount of mail he let slide when working on Mage.
Stephen "The Suit" Wieck for frightening Generation X at Origins '93.
Ken "Captain Canuck" Cliffe for his Canada Day festivities.
Michelle "Stacked" Prahler for when dreams come true.
Rob "Flubber" Hatch for his gelatinous, noisy birthday present.
Rene "Much Ado" Lilly for obsessing on Kenneth Branagh's film.
Chris "Raven" McDonough for wanting to ring with authenticity like his hero.
Richard "Cherry Tomato" Thomas for what everyone didn't eat at his party.
Jim "Half-Ogre" Townsend for a different colored Blood Pit shirt every day of the week.
Matt "Incognito" Wagner because we forgot to give him credit for the incredible Werewolf Players Guide cover — but hey, who wouldn't recognize his art anyway?
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: November 1998
Publication #: WW 03071
Reference #:
Pages: 225
Year: 1992, 1993
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: $10.80 PDF

Rage Across the World Volume 3 is a collected sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It reprints Rage Across New York and Rage Across the Amazon.


Garou Across the World
The War of the Apocalypse rages across the globe as the Wyrm seeks to destroy Gaia. The Garou preserve the legends of an idyllic world that existed before the corruption brought about by humanity and the Wyrm. They battle those evils to the death to bring about a new Golden Age, but can Gaia still be saved?

Victory Is Yours
Now you can fight the War of the Apocalypse from its earliest days. Rage Across the World Volume 3 is a compilation of two classic Werewolf sourcebooks: Rage Across New York and Rage Across the Amazon. Previously out of print and almost impossible to find, these books are now repackaged under a new cover.

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