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Rage Across the Amazon is a regional sourcebook and chronicle for Werewolf: The Apocalypse.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Greatest Threat
The Wyrm has made its move — Pentex Incorporated is behind the destruction of the Amazon Rain Forest. Bulldozers tear down ancient trees, leaving scorched wastelands behind. Factories vomit balefire into the rivers, poisoning Gaia's bloodstream. Banes screech through the jungle, maiming the spirits and Umbral glens. The hungry may of the Wyrm opens wide to devour its feast...
The Greatest Sacrifice
...but the Wyrm chokes on the bitter rage of the Garou. The warriors of Gaia are here to end the corruption, destroy the defilers and take back the Earth. The Amazon War has begun, the greatest battle yet for the body and soul of Gaia. In their darkest hour, the Garou must succeed before the Dark Foe destroys everything.
Rage Across the Amazon is a chronicle setting for Werewolf. It includes:


This book covers the Amazon rainforest, and the Amazon War between the Changing Breeds and Pentex to determine the fate of the region. The included chronicle also bridges the gap between Under a Blood Red Moon and the ongoing saga of Samuel Haight. Supplementary content in the appendices adapts the various forms of weapons and equipment from the The Players Guide for use in Werewolf chronicles. Finally, the hard copy of the book is packaged with a sheet of temporary tattoos bearing several Garou runes.


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Clashing Boom-Boom

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