Rage Across Russia is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse about the modern Garou in Russia, how they once ruled over the vast wilderness of the country, and how they must cope with survival when Russia once again opens itself up to the world.


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The Fate of Nations
The Garou and their Kin have always influenced the history of Russia, from the rise of the empire to the time of the tsars. Then the Revolution came, and vampires seized the reins of power. The purges began, and the Garou were running for their lives.
The Fall of Heroes
Now the Iron Curtain has fallen, and a more sinister curtain is coming to engulf Russia. A spiritual blight spreads over the land, extinguishing all magic in its path. Dark creatures out of legend rise and prowl once more. As their caerns die out, the Garou must stop the blight before it destroys their last strongholds.

Legends of the Garou: The Tale of the Firebird, Tsarevich Ivan and the Gray WolfEdit

Tells the story of a Silver Fang kinfolk of noble stock named Tsarevich Ivan and his brothers, who set out on a quest given by their werewolf father to retrieve the notorious Firebird spirit, totem of the Silver Pack.

Introduction: Mother RussiaEdit

Chapter One: HistoryEdit

Chapter Two: GeographyEdit

Chapter Three: Tribes of the MoonEdit

Chapter Four: EnemiesEdit

Chapter Five: Problems & PlotsEdit

Appendix: Spirits of Field and Stream, Hearth and HomeEdit

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This book was reprented in Rage Across the World Volume 1.

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