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Rage Across New York is the first location sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. RANY expands on topics initially presented in the first-edition Werewolf: The Apocalypse Rulebook, especially the politics surrounding the New York City-based Sept of the Green. RANY is also notable for introducing the Seventh Generation, a cult of the Wyrm that is infamous among Garou and players alike.


From the White Wolf 1992 Catalog:

The Wyrm has extended its corruption far across the world, but few areas have suffered like the Empire State. From the squalid tenements of Manhattan to the toxic waste pits of Love Canal, Gaia has suffered here like nowhere else. But the Garou will contain their rage no longer. Now let the Wyrm beware. Rage Across New York is a Chronicle setting for any Storyteller, detailing some of the greatest threats the werewolves must face, as well as expanded rules on the spirit world and spiritual magic.

From the Back of the Book:

In the City That Never Sleeps...

New York - a state of extremes. From the lush upstate forests to the teeming streets of New York City, the Garou wage their war against the despoilers of Gaia. The Wyrm's coils slither under the Empire State, wreaking corruption upon the innocent and forgotten: the children.

A Nightmare Awakens

From dark Adirondack caverns to the Big Apple, the foul serpent tempts all with its power. The Garou must overcome their own rivalries and heal their past pain to stem the growing tide of corruption and depravity.

Rage Across New York is the first chronicle setting for Werewolf. It includes:

  • Descriptions of the Garou tribes and their nemeses spread across the state, from the spiritual enclave of the Black Furies to the darkest, festering secret of the Wyrm: the Seventh Generation.
  • The "real" history of the New World and New York State.
  • Encounter suggestions providing opportunities to strike a blow against the Wyrm, including a battle map for running a detailed combat in the dank sewers of "The City."

Legends of the Garou: Aurak's Tale

Story of a Wendigo Shaman, Aurak Moondancer.

Introduction: Welcome to New York

Includes a illustrated Garou Map of New York.

Chapter One: History of New York

History of the Garou in New York.

Chapter Two: Geography

Geography of New York City and areas outside of the City. Also discuses the issues and locations of pollution sites in NYC, along with an illustrated Pollution Map. Notable Protectorates include: The North Country (Upstate NY), The Catskill Mountains, Niagara, The Finger Lakes and New York City.

  • Trash Skrags
  • Ash Skrags
  • Oil Bane

Chapter Three: Power Groups and Characters

Listing of Garou, Caerns, The Seventh Generation, Black Spiral Dancers, The Order of the Rose, Fairies and Vampires. See the Characters section for more.


Chapter Four: Encounters

Legend of the Glass Walkers: The Search for Pride of the Pack

Sins of the Fathers: Discovering the Seventh Generation

The Seventh Generation Strikes Back

Seventh Generation vs. Seventh Generation

Taking the Fight to the Seventh Generation

Background Information

Memorable Quotes


Black Furies:

Bone Gnawers:

Children of Gaia:

  • Pearl River
  • True Silverheels
  • One-Song
  • Judith Justus (Ahroun) (Pg. 41)
  • Garlen Way-of-the-Sunrise-Gaia (Galliard) (Pg. 41)
  • Sky-Sips-the-Spring-Waters (Theurge) (Pg. 41)
  • William Collier (Philodox) (Pg. 41)


Get of Fenris:

Glass Walkers:

Red Talons:

Shadow Lords:

Silent Striders:

Silver Fangs:



  • Bull Roarer
  • Clubfoot Razorneck
  • Robert Kinsolver
  • Three-Scary-Women (Uktena shaman from Alaska) (pg. 62)
  • Snake Howler (Philodox) (Pg. 60)
  • Chadra Two Heads (Ahroun) (Pg. 60)
  • Kydo Mirror-Lake (Theurge) (Pg. 60)
  • Ram Horn (Galliard) (Pg. 60)


  • Cries-In-the-Wind
  • Kreeyaah
  • Hole-In-the-Sky (Ragabash) (Pg. 63)
  • Aurak Moondancer (Legends of the Garou) (Pg. 63)
  • Sturm Hawksblood (Legends of the Garou) (Pg. 6)
  • Orro (Legends of the Garou) (Pg. 6)
  • Walks Alone (Legends of the Garou) (Pg. 6)

Seventh Generation:

The Order of the Rose: (Humans)


Black Spiral Dancers:


  • Shawnda Dorrit (Sabbat, Female Brujah antitribu, written a pact with the Glass Walkers)
  • Violet Tremain (Sabbat Bishop, Tzimisce) (Pg. 91)
  • Theodore Al'Azif (Camarilla, Ventrue) (Pg. 91)


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