Rage Across Appalachia is a regional sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse with additional information for Changeling: The Dreaming.


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Down in the Holler
Deep in the backwoods of the southern Appalachian mountain range, the Garou hold out against the imminent destruction of their homes. The modern world intrudes harshly onto their sacred sites, building roads over spirit paths. The Wyrm burrows into the hearts of their Kinfolk and the Ways are forgotten.
Ancient Magic Awakens
But the Garou are not alone against their enemy: The native fae have been here longer, and they will not let their freeholds fall to corruption. It's a battle of backwoods wisdom and lore against an industrial society gone mad.
Rage Across Appalachia is a regional sourcebook and chronicle setting for use with Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Changeling: The Dreaming. It includes:

Legends of the Garou: Spirit MessengersEdit

An elderly Kinfolk tells a story to her grandchildren, including one who is about to undergo her First Change.


Chapter One: From the Beginning (An Appalachian History)Edit

Chapter Two: The Geography of AppalachiaEdit

Details on the five Garou protectorates of the region:

In addition, Appalachia is considered a duchy of the Kingdom of Willows among changelings, with a tenuous peace among the sidhe, the commoner Kithain and the nunnehi. The environmental damage caused by logging, mining and the chemical industry have left behind several prominent Hellholes.

Chapter Three: The Changing Breed of the MountainsEdit

Chapter Four: Mountain Dreamers (Changelings)Edit

Chapter Five: Strange Relations (Enemies and Others)Edit

Chapter Six: Appalachian MoonriseEdit

A three-part chronicle based around the search for the Mammoth's Bone fetish: "Kentucky Moonshine," "Tennessee Waltz" and "Carolina Moon."

Appendix: Appalachia in Song and SymbolEdit

Background InformationEdit

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Garou Edit

Other Changing Breeds Edit

Changelings Edit

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Raven Mockers, Mammoth's Bone

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