The Rafastio are a Revenant Family that originally served the True Black Hand, until the destruction of Enoch released the family into independence.


Originally hedge mages and witches from the Po Valley, the Rafastio allied themselves with agents of the True Black Hand in exchange for protection from their numerous enemies. Some have ties to the Verbena and have even produced few Awakened members for their masters. The Rafastio maintained several estates all over the world, the most powerful being their ancestral sites in Northern Italy.

When the True Black Hand was nearly annihilated, the Rafastio were at a loss on what to do. Many died on the fangs of frenzied vampires or committed suicide, believing that there was no hope left without the True Black Hand to guide them. Some followed Tzimisce of the Old World or searched and tended for surviving Ravnos, believing them to be in special favour to the Antediluvians if they survived their harrowing, others dedicated themselves to particular vampires. Others turned their back on the old beliefs of their former sect, instead becoming mercenary occultists who give aid to mortals and supernaturals alike in mystical regards. A significant minority has joined with witch-hunter forces, believing that if the Manus Nigrum was unworthy, then no other vampire can deserve to survive.

Supernatural CharacteristicsEdit

Disciplines: Thaumaturgy, Auspex, Animalism

Weakness: A curse delivered upon the Rafastio in nights long past has tied them inextricably to the moon. On nights with a new moon in the sky, all attempts to use Disciplines by Rafastio characters suffer as their difficulty increases. On nights with waxing or waning moons, such difficulties aren't as intense, but hampering nonetheless. On nights of the full moon, however, Disciplines become easier to use.

Additionally, no Rafastio can become a vampire by any means; the Embrace never works and all that remains is a bloodless corpse.

Morality: Rafastio usually maintained their Humanity, although a minority followed the Path of Lilith.


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