Radio Free Death is a nightly transmission at midnight that has ghostly origins. It plays a major role in Orpheus, as well as a small part in the Time of Judgment.

Disguised as a burst of static on a satellite TV channel, courtesy of the Horror Broadband Ghost, the broadcast is about a minute long and details the goings on in the world of the dead. Sometimes the information is little more than musings or speculation, but at other times it contains very specific warnings to specific groups of people, most notably those affiliated with the Orpheus Group. On rare occasions, where there are high amounts of danger for ghosts, there will be more than one broadcast in a night.

The voice and power behind Radio Free Death is Terrence Green, one of the Flatliners from Orpheus Group’s controversial Project Flatline. Seeking redemption and exceptionally talented in the Haunter Shade, he is one of the first to realize that the plans of the projecting firms and the presence of pigment and pigment cults are more than what they appear to be at first glance. He has a close ally, ex-Terrel and Squib agent Grace Ishida, who helps him gather information and assist ghosts and people who have been put into bad situations because of the manipulations of a higher power. He eventually seeks to gather the ghost and projecting community into a unified force to fight whatever is out there.

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