Radical is a political "Impulse" of the Commoner Kith.

Overview Edit

Radicals, much like the Unseelie Court, believe that change is good. They want to seek out the injustices of economics, politics, and society and sweep those inequities away. Some radicals believe that the way to accomplish this is through gradual reform, using legislation and the Parliament of Dreams to improve the lives of commoners. Others think that the change should take place swiftly; they assert that there is no time to lobby and rally for the nobles to change their ancient ways. In fact, some extremist radicals say that the sidhe will never change without some sort of large-scale revolution. They point to the Galacian Confederation, little realizing the bloodshed, violence, and compromise necessary for the commoners to establish their government. Still more radicals shy away from big-time politics and work on a grassroots level to improve social conditions for mortals and fae. Radicals are presently the smaller minority among commoners; just 15% of the total population.

References Edit

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