Radiation Shintai is one of the Bile Shintai Discipline exclusive of the Scorpion Eater Dharma of the Kuei-Jin. Its non-tainted form is called Jade Shintai.

It shows the Kuei-jin that even the most ancient rocks and mountains may contain poisonous, corrupting substances capable of eroding life.

Chi Attunement: Strength

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in the Heresies of the Way.

Standard PowersEdit

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  • Treacherous Earth: By disrupting the flow of natural Chi through the earth, the Kuei-jin can root an opponent to the ground, preventing them from leaving the spot. This has no effect from the knees up unless used on a prone target.
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  • Repulsive Touch: By making their entire being abhorrent to the Ten Thousand Things as an undeserving, corrupt entity, the Kuei-jin may move through objects as though insubstantial. Actually, matter glides over the Scorpion, or their own flesh parts to allow matter through; either way, their very touch is anathema to creation itself and thus repulsive to everything around them.
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  • The Bowels of the Earth: The Kuei-jin sinks into protective tainted earth.
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  • Burnout: The Kuei-jin can harness the Earth’s ambient radiation, thanks to global warming, to power any machine, regardless of its normal power source for a period of time. However, when the device finally “powers down”, it is ruined; the components are rusted, the casing rotted and the fuel cells empty.
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  • Destroy with a Touch: This power grants the Kuei-jin near complete control over the earth. By drawing upon weaknesses and impurities in this element, they can cause stones to break, walls to crumble, and if sufficiently skilled, the earth to shake.


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