Radcliffe with Teeth is a Nosferatu who was active in New York City during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


During the Gothic Victorian era, he and his Nosferatu clanmates Augustin and Calebros composed the "Trinity" that led the city's Nosferatu under Joseph Wellesley, who was the Dux Bellorum and the de facto Prince of New York — although his praxis was tentative at best, given that the Camarilla was sequestered in an enclave while the Sabbat controlled the majority of the city.

Radcliffe acted as the Trinity's liaison with the Nosferatu antitribu of New York, and some accused him of fostering a too-close relationship with the enemy. A Nosferatu antitribu by the name of Radcliffe Without Teeth is known to have been active in New York in the mid-20th century. This other Radcliffe's childe, Gemini (Embraced in 1964), is said to be antitribu solely by virtue of Embrace, suggesting that Radcliffe Without Teeth was at least descended from the antitribu, if not one of them himself. This other Radcliffe was almost certainly named for Radcliffe with Teeth, but the nature of any other relationship between the two is uncertain.

Radcliffe's childe Gerard "Uncle Smelly" Rafin is 9th generation, while Gemini was 10th generation, which would fit with a hypothesis that the other Radcliffe was this Radcliffe's childe.


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