Rabid Frank is an Unseelie Satyr Grump who lives in New York City in the Kingdom of Apples.

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Rabid Frank

On chilly Autumn nights, childlings like to gather around the balefire and hear spooky stories that make them gasp, shriek, and giggle with nervous tension and fear. Few of those stories make them glance over their shoulders like the ones about Rabid Frank. His legend spreads far and wide.

In a park in New York, Frank supposedly stalks the night looking for victims. The stories say he eats children, tears joggers limb from limb, and rapes at least one woman each night. The stories exaggerate a bit, but they do succeed in their goal of warning childlings away from the dangerous places in the city.

It's true that in his prime this Unseelie satyr took bestial pleasure in terrorizing lone runners, frightening secretaries who chose shortcuts to get home, and harassing anyone else wandering through his park late at night. Then he met Giselle.

Giselle, a Seelie Satyr, stole Frank's heart. He followed her unseen for months and her beauty tamed the beast in him. When he found the courage to finally approach her, the adoration in his eyes won her over. She, attracted by his pure, raw energy, allowed him to court her and, on one cold, starry night in the park, they became lovers. Still, the two fae had too many differences. She dressed in silks and played courtier to the baron. He lived in an abandoned sewer entry tunnel, didn't dress at all, and never lost the beast inside him entirely. He turned his violent attacks onto drug dealers and other criminals, trying to ease his frustration in a way pleasing to his love, but the stories of his rages and uncontrollable urges still spread.

Now in his grump years, Frank has calmed somewhat, though he and Giselle still lead separate lives. They meet every Friday at midnight under the giant oak in the park. They romp and play and talk until dawn, neither one mentioning the creaks in his joints and bones nor the distance that sometimes slips across his eyes. They both know that someday soon, Giselle will wait alone beneath that oak.

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