Rabark the Inhabited is a Neverborn Malfean featured in both Wraith: The Oblivion and Orpheus. She appears to represent gluttony or sloth.

She takes her title from her form, though this has changed over time. Originally she was composed of spongy, rotten wood that infested the Labyrinth with roots that reached into the Tempest. Her "trunk" had hollows where her followers and lackeys could take shelter.

By Orpheus, her body, surmounted by a grotesquely large head, is a mass of flesh resembling nothing more than a 1,000 foot-high wall of fat stuffed into a thin sallow sack of skin. Her worshippers, many powerful Spectres, actually live inside of her fat, burrowing tunnels and burning the grease found within for light and in worship. Bright red glowing areas appear through the skin as a sign of where these creatures live. In spite of her enormous size, she is actually among the more active of the Malfeans; most unusual is her status as an active Neverborn.

Rabark's followers and cults are known as the Diligent Blossoms; they would swarm ahead of their mistress, seeking out and claiming new territory for her body to overtake. Obstacles were cleared and those who were caught in those areas were fed to Rabark. When Grandmother stirred, Rabark's followers took refuge in her massive form, and actually went to the trouble of armoring their goddess. Slowly covering her like a carapace, the metal only served to make Rabark look all the more disturbing.

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