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Quillan is a Seelie Nocker Grump and "Baron of the River," in the Duchy of the Delta Crescent in the Kingdom of Willows.



Quillan spent most of his grump years caring for a forgotten Balefire on an old Riverboat. His loneliness and forgotteness had started him drinking and he was almost ready just to let life go. Then Pearl, a newly Chrysalised Eshu, showed up on the boat out of the blue. She saw the boat for what it was, and old showboat, and brought it, and Quillan, back to Glamourous life.

Now the Mississippi Pearl is one of the greatest riverboat attractions on the Mississippi. Quillan has tried to teach Pearl to care for the mechanics of the boat, to no avail. At least she handles the finances.

Quillan and Pearl attracted the attention of Lisette Levay and she was so impressed with them she gave them both titles. Quillan is now the Baron of the River. King Meilge, however, has no idea these titles have been given nor has he approved them. While Pearl is sure she is a noble now, Quillan isn't so sure.


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