The Quiet Lord is a Deathlord of Stygia, and the head of the Silent Legion, those who chose to bring death to themselves by suicide.

The Quiet Lord lives up to his name, as he is the most secretive of the Deathlords and little is known about him. What information is known dates from the Fourth Great Maelstrom: he is a stoic, reserved figure, who does not reveal his emotions, and is said by some to be a redeemed Spectre. He is the least ambitious of the Deathlords, seeking only to maintain his position, rather than becoming the foremost power in Stygia. He is also considered the Deathlord most concerned with the wellbeing of the wraiths under him; though his Legion has an understandably large suicide rate, the high number of wraiths who survive their first few weeks may be considered a testimony to his policies.

In the present era, it is known that he is in a constant struggle with the Laughing Lady, who constantly attempts to subsume members of his Legion into her Penitent Legion. She argues that those who kill themselves have surrendered to a form of madness and should go to her; so far, the Quiet Lord has fought off her claims and continues to rule over the Silent Legion unopposed.

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