The Quick is a term used by wraiths for those who are alive. They dwell in what wraiths know as the Skinlands, or the lands of the living.

Because of the Shroud, the Quick cannot see the Shadowlands or the wraiths that dwell within. Many of the living are completely unaware of ghosts, save for a few who have been in communication with wraiths, or are sensitive to the spiritual world. The Quick may also serve as a wraith's Fetter or the focus of a Passion. Mortals who come into contact with the dead are susceptible to the Fog, a means the Quick use to dismiss or rationalize what they have seen.

Background Information Edit

The term "quick" originally meant living, alive, as evidenced in the phrase "the quick and the dead" from the Apostles' Creed. This meaning can still be seen today in the usage of "the quick" referring to the living part of the fingernail. From the sense of having full vigour, living or lively qualities or movements, the word got its chief current meaning of possessing rapidity or speed of movement.

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