The Questors (Foremen in modern nights) are the first rank of the Ventrue hierarchy within a given city, and are above only the Eiren, the common Ventrue.


Questors are members of the Ventrue clan who have shown some achievement or drive to succeed, and are remarked for later advancement within their clan. A young Ventrue might receive a promotion to this rank in recognition of some significant achievement that brought him and the clan dignitas and improved fortunes.

These vampires assist the higher-ranking Ventrue by performing basic tasks that keep their investments running smoothly. Such tasks could be anything from opening an account with a brokerage to hiding bodies of newly deceased union bosses. Often the Aediles assign them tasks with little or no explanation.

The Questors have no real authority over the common Ventrue that hold no rank, but that does not stop them from flaunting their position over the Eiren. They can rightly point out that they have the ear of the elders, whereas most neonates have no access at all. Questors spend their nights accruing favors and good will with their superiors, who occasionally do help them in return.

The Ventrue hierarchy within a city also includes:


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