The Qualmi , also known as the Riddle Dancers, are one of the nine remaining tribes of the Bastet who are modeled after the lynxes of North America.


Tribal glyph of the Qualmi


Enigmatic masters of animals and disguise, the Qualmi cloak their secrets in misdirection. Riddles fascinate them, and few of their kind offer straight answers to any question. For anyone with a literal mind, dealing with them can be a fruitless and infuriating effort. However, most of their efforts are directed to make others think about what they do and remind them why Gaia created them in the first place, in a similar manner to the pranks of the Nuwisha, only more serious. Like all Bastet, the share a Yava.

  • The power of a lynx lies in her riddles; to unravel them is to undo her magic.
  • The Qualmi share a soul with the salmon; poison the salmon, and you harm the tribe.
  • No lynx can speak the truth about her parents. Confront her with their names and faces, and she'll be confused for days.

Qualmi see beyond appearances, and they loathe hypocrisy. Most can see right through deceptions, and punish liars with tricks of their own. These Bastet are slow to anger, and their rage takes a slower path than simple violence. Qualmi punish slights by setting magical traps and spirit lures. Gold prospectors in the 1800s often found themselves buried alive in shimmering dust, or were tricked into shooting each other by phantom voices and paranoid dreams. When forced to fight, a lynx explodes into a flurry of claws and teeth, then flees as soon as possible.


The history of the Qualmi is difficult to retell, as every Qualmi tells it different. But it remains a sad fact that the only remaining Qualmi are those in North America, as their European kin were exterminated during the War of Rage.

Today, the Qualmi are concerned about protecting the northern wilderness from industrial exploit. To this end, they often try to bring a local pack of Garou into the fold, using their informants in order to leak information to a sept to force them into action. However, they understand little of the politics of the Garou Nation and the bitter hatred the Wendigo have against the Wyrmcomers. Some Qualmi have started to awaken the local Gurahl to protect their homeland and have started to make alliances with the Ice Stalker tribe.


The Qualmi don't get along with each other and prefer to maintain a loose contact that usually only includes the goings-on of their acclaimed territory. Some maintain communication through proxies, like an allied Gurahl. The only noteworthy exception to this rule is the act of fostering a young Qualmi.

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